Meet our Pastors: Breck & Cathy Wilson


Breck has enjoyed pastoring in Silverton since 1980.

He has been married to Cathy for 40+ years and they have 2 grown children and 1 grandchild, sweet Aveline, the apple of his eye.

Breck loves visiting the local, organic farm to pick up and distribute veggies that bless the community. He also enjoys making awesome salads and reading Wendell Berry poems. He loves the mystery and graciousness of Jesus.

Cathy assists Breck in pastoral duties at Oak Street Church.

She is an Occupational Therapist, helping both adults and children in their therapy journey.

She has been married to Breck for 40+ years and is so grateful to have such a wonderful partner, she too holds Aveline to be cutest grand baby on the face of the earth.

She enjoys the wonder, abundance and peacefulness found in her veggie garden, incongruous humor and having friends that both accept and challenge her.


Breck and Cathy are also some of the most hospitable and genuine people you can find. They are well worth getting to know!

Meet our Associate Pastor: John Friedrick


John Friedrick is a 9 year Silverton resident and a lifelong Oregonian. He attends Oregon State University full-time, pursuing a Liberal Studies Degree with a focus in Community Development.

Having been raised as a Christian his entire life, John has spent the last several years exploring what it means to consciously and intentionally follow Jesus as someone who values creativity, the environment, and healthy communities. He is passionate about both art and music, as a result of which he enjoys organizing Oak Street's annual art show each spring. 

John's day-to-day duties include event organization, assisting Breck when needed, lending a hand wherever necessary at Monday Meal, teaching the kids two Sundays a month, and preaching once a month.

Above all, John hopes to see the love of Jesus transform, heal, and improve all relationships in Silverton. Whether they are within the family, between friends, or between Oak Street Church and the beautiful town it belongs to.

Oak Street’s Values


We value and promote relationship and connection at Oak Street Church. The very nature of God is revealed to us in the oneness of three personalities-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We promote and support honest, healthy and growing relationships. We resist the tendency in any community to become self-contained and truly enjoy making new friends. These values are expressed in friendship, counsel, care and gathering as a lifestyle.


We value and study the scriptures because as Paul says in II Timothy 3:16-17, "All scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, exposing our flaws, correcting our mistakes and training us in God's character and ways so that we can be thoroughly equipped for every good work. While we share much unity in the inspired Word of God, we also respect the believer’s responsibility to interpret the scripture through the indwelling Holy Spirit and that interpretations may sometimes differ (1 John 2: 27-28).


We have been touched by God's unconditional and transforming love so it's only natural to return that love to others as God desires. We endeavor to serve our community, care for one another and influence our world through service projects, gatherings, events and financial support. God gives talents for the purpose of sharing.


Because our inner life is just as important to God as what others see, we believe worship is more than what we do on Sunday morning. Our every thought, word and deed can be expressions of honor to God. Out of this idea we value our times of corporate worship where together we express the joy of our redemption and our love and honor to God who has many traits-beauty, holiness, power, love, kindness, patience...


Jesus said that his mission on the earth was to bring the good news to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, bring deliverance to those in bondage, sight to the blind and freedom to the wounded and gave that mission to us (Luke 4:18-19). We believe that we are called to a life that notices and includes the marginalized of our society, laboring to reject “insider” language and lifestyle. We are called to be recovering healers and to fight against the injustices and oppression in our world through our voices but especially our actions.


As followers of Jesus, we look for and expect Him to bring change in our lives. Natural life in the family of God includes His transforming power to bring us from our lower natures and wounded souls into the abundant life, wholeness and original design of our Maker. We value the many paths that the Holy Spirit gives to bring transformation-including prayer, counsel, support, among others. We endeavor to reject the tendency to use shame, fear and control to manipulate behavior but instead, nurture the transforming power of God’s grace and celebrate great and small change as steps toward freedom and growth.